Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Technomads.... Here is your chance to buy the coveted flagship device Moto X in India!!

Motorola’s current flagship the Moto X will finally start selling in India tomorrow onwards. This time around too Flipkart will be exclusive sales channel for the phone and once again, Motorola seems to have a winner on its hands in terms of the price. The Moto X will retail for Rs 23,999, but the wood-back versions will sell for Rs 25,999. Tomorrow, only the black and white versions will be on sale, while other colour options will be on pre-order.

Big news! The #MotoX will start at Rs. 23999 and is releasing tomorrow! #MotoOnFlipkart http://t.co/LrWqTuHXuEpic.twitter.com/KvEcEud9ne — Flipkart (@Flipkart) March 18, 2014

As of now besides the black, white and the two wood-back (teak and walnut) options, Flipkart has announced additional colours. As we know, the much-praised Moto Maker customisation engine is not coming to India just yet. Only the 16GB version of the phone will be sold by the retailer, with no plans for the 32GB, according to a subsequent tweet.

One more thing to note: Unlike the Moto G launch, this won’t happen on midnight. In fact, Flipkart has expressly said that sales will start in the daytime, though the time has not been announced yet. It’s also not clear how many phones Flipkart will have in stock.

Given the Moto X’s specs and the innovative software features, the price is exactly what it should be. In fact, the Rs 23,999 price tag is below the international price tag of $399. Add to that the fact that the Moto X has already received a KitKat update and has earned great praise for its build quality, Motorola looks to have another Moto G like success story.

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