Thursday, 15 May 2014

Moto E : Some thoughts before you buy the Awesome-ness!

Hi Everyone......
So I am back from a suppression! I was kidnapped by some tech-haters and then was released after knowing and understanding my goodwill behind this blog!
LOL..... no, it was nothing as such!
The reality is I had a dead laptop for about a month and my smartphone is not so smart (it hangs the very minute I need it). I bought myself a Laptop (hussshhh, finally) after a month-longs search and search for a good one! Got the HP 240 Business Series G1 with a Pentium Dual Core Processor (4th Generation)

So, here I am.... out of the darkness of the cave and bringing you out my first NO-REVIEW! Yes, I will call this a no-review because I am not going to review any device, rather I will be discussing with you my views about the very-very-low-budget Android device by Motorola - The All-New Moto E!!

The internet is going ga-ga-ga-ga over the latest smartphone by Motorola- The Moto E! And, there are posts everywhere as to why you should buy this phone ( some telling you 5 plus-points, some 6, some 10.....and so on....!!)

I will tell you why to skip this phone.... like, what are the cons that you may feel after purchasing this phone!

But, as my mom-dad always taught me to speak positive first, let go on with some likes for the phone :
1) The Display at 4.3 inches and with a pixel density of about 256ppi (540 X 960 pixels) is SUPERB at this price level. The touch sensitiveness is just so MOTOish! Classic.
2) The build Quality is just next to the Nokias, rigid, it anything good! Again, worth more than the price point!
3) The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset with a dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex A7 CPU and a (whooping) Adreno 302 GPU. Again, just a go-grabber at this price point!!
4) A near-2000mAh battery, which gives a perfect usability and life to the Moto E. And when combined with the A7.... its just muaaahhh!!
5) Front Speakers..... Oh c'mon Motorola, you can't raise the expectations of people to get front grills at this price point! Like, c'mon, who gives front grills at even four-times the price?
6) Gorilla Glass 3....... The least said, the best! Rigidness level increased by a sky-scrapper!
7) Android OS Kitkat 4.4.2..... the competitors will feel so stone-aged! Don't kill them so ruthlessly Moto!
8) And more & more & more blaah blaah good things can be said about the device. ( The others are doing the same, then why me?)

And now, its time for some things that might take tech-users and tech-buzzers like me a little (yes, just a little) aback
1) Fixed Focus 5MP Snapper..... aaahaa, did someone really tell you that?? Yes, the cam is a fixed-focus one.
2) No Front camera..... so no video calls, no SELFIES!! Ahh's cut-short!
3) No Flash.... Oh Moto, the Indian & Chinese Manufacturers, now-a-days, offer flash on phones priced half that that of yours. A big miss, a big big big cost cutting measure.
4) Non-removable battery..... aaha, now that is a problem for people like me who are impatient and just go for a hard-reset (btw, it is the easiest reset, why is it called a HARD RESET??)
5) Just 4GB of Internal Memory.... you may get just 1.8GB of usable Internal Memory, that is a bit of mess! I got the same on my 2-year old LG Optimus L5!
6) Out of the 1GB RAM, about 600MBs are user-available.
7) Motorola is now a property of Lenovo. The after-sales service of Lenovo Smartphones is already so weak, hope Motorola gets a better share of service. (Just HOPE!!)

My verdict:
This phone is for first-time Android users, for people who just want a good phone at DEAD-CHEAP street price, for people who will use it as a secondary 3G-enabled android device, and people who are flexible with the tech-inputs but low on budget.
This phone is not for people like me who keep on bugging the phone to work 20 hours a day non-stop, multitask and compare it with the likes of Moto G!

I have seen people comparing the battery, processor, display, etc with the Moto G.....guys c'mon, the Moto G is an INR 14K priced device whilst the Moto E is just half of that! Still, its offerings are superb as compared to its price-level competitors.

And, did I mention the nano-coating over the device?? Yes, the Moto X, Moto G & Moto E all come with water & dust repellent feature. WOW!!
A solid, rugged, tech-fast device at a dirt-cheap price - its the Moto E.

An advice to Motorola.... please bring the same device with a flash, a front cam, an auto-focus snapper, a minimum 8GB memory, etc. for a sub-10K price-point! Errr, doesn't it sound a bit MotoG'ish?? Just sans 2 cores!!

So, whatever Moto has brought to is a Superb device, just grab it if you are fine with so-called Cons!

An Alternative:
The Nokia X, android experience with the Nokia Fastlane Feel!!

(NOTE: This blog contained some pictures for references, but, due to some problem, no pictures can be seen)

With this, I end my blah, blaah, blaaah!
Will soon be back with something special, something more after I get a recharge of more words!
Bye Bye, Alvidaa, Dasvidaniya!

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