Wednesday, 28 May 2014

lg g3 - giant-killer, glorious & grandiose..... that defines it...!!

LG announced & released the Optimus G Series in November 2012. The first Flagship device to be launched in this series was the LG Optimus G (E975). Though the phone couldn't raise eyebrows, LG gave a roar that they had entered the COMPETITION and pitted to be amongst the top "Smartphone Brands" around the world. The phone was good enough to compete with top-notch phones, but didn't have anything different to offer.

In September 2013, LG astounded one and all for what it can do to the hardware and looks of a multimedia device. It introduced the LG Optimus G2. Taking the volume rockers and power shutter to the back made the phone do something that no-one ever even thought of. And these features are just a handful to mention amongst the sack-full of other features.
Now, in May 2014, LG has again come up with another bombshell. Launching the LG Optimus G3, it showed the world of technology, how incredibly a phone can perform when brilliant software tweaking and a gorgeous customized UI is coupled with an equally brilliant hardware design.


It is compact, yeah, because it fits a massive 5.5" display into a much smaller chassis. It has a brilliant, enviable screen: body ratio. The Quad-HD display is a marvel to stare at which will make you give the phone a much higher share of attention than your girlfriend. A massive, or should we say, super-massive pixel density of ~534ppi will make you go bonkers.

The phone is lighter than other flagships (except the Galaxy S5 which is 4 grams lighter) and it comes in two variants: 16GB/2GB and 32GB/3GB. On the camera front, it has a 13MP Laser Autofocus dual-flash camera that does its work dreadfully. Tech biggies went with big camera sensors. But, LG managed to implement OIS in its Optimus G3 with only the Nokia Lumia 930 as aits competitor. The camera can capture videos at 2160p quality @ 30fps and 1080p quality @ 60fps. Astonishing, isn’t it?

I use the LG Optimus L5 for the last two years and have a superb feel with the Optimus UI. What LG has done with the UI in the G3 is that it has put-in some top-notch looks that feel awesome. An ultra-massive 3000mAh removable battery is also provided for hard-reset (and we love it). It when coupled with the processor provided, will give loads of hours of usage.

Here, we pitted the LG G3 (RAM - 2GB variant) against the Sony Xperia Z2 (RAM – 3GB variant). Yet, it scored the same!

Now, let’s talk about the heart of the phone. The phone is motorized by a Quad-core 2.5GHz Krait 400 CPU and a Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon 801 (MSM8975AC) chipset. It comes bundled with Adreno 330 GPU @ 578MHz. So, we get blazing speeds and multi-tasking with intense graphics like a breeze. CAUTION: Your real life might look slo-mo as compared to the phone speed. (Just Exaggerating!!)

The phone also skins Knock-on features. This thing from LG is going to be copied real soon. Double-tap the screen and the phone comes to life (wakes-up), double-tap when the screen is on, the phone locks-up the screen and sleeps. Simple yet Marvellous. There are many more things to go blah-blah with the phone like Smart Security, Kill Switch, Smart Bulletin, Smart Notice, Knock-code, etc.

My Verdict: Tech-Biggies.... Beware, the Giant Killer has arrived. Roar LG Roar....!!

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